PVC Flexible Garden Pipes


Rukmini Garden Pipes are specially manufactured for gardening and water transportation. These pipes are uniquely designed by the company and ensure the most satisfactory experience.


  • 100% Lead Free:

    Rukmini Garden pipes are non toxic,making it suitable for drinking water. It prevents adverse health affects.

  • Economical:

    Rukmini Garden pipes are are cost efficient due to their smoothness and easy installation..

  • Light Weight:

    Very comfortable in handling and transportation because of its light weight.

  • Long working pressure:

    These pipes can endure longer hours of constant pressure.

  • Durable:

    Specialized for outdoor streams, these pipes are tough and durable.

  • Flexible & Easy Storage:

    The garden pipes are made with various utilities in mind. Therefore, along with its durability, their foundation can be changed with the requirement.

  • Leak proof:

    Due to close dimensional tolerance and precision design.

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Technical Parameters : INNER DIAMETER (ID)

1/2'' 12
3/4'' 19
1'' 25
11/4'' 32
11/2'' 38