PVC Flexible Garden Pipes

Rukmini Garden Pipes are specially manufactured for gardening and water transportation. These pipes are uniquely designed by the company and ensure the most satisfactory experience. 


100% Lead Free:
Rukmini Garden pipes are non toxic,making it suitable for drinking water.
It prevents adverse health affects.

Rukmini Garden pipes are are cost efficient due to their smoothness and easy installation.

Specialized for outdoor streams, these pipes are tough and durable. 

Light Weight: 
Very comfortable in handling and transportation because of its light weight.

Long working pressure:
These pipes can endure longer hours of constant pressure. 

Flexible & Easy Storage:
The garden pipes are made with various utilities in mind. Therefore, along with its durability, their foundation can be changed with the requirement.

Leak proof: 
Due to close dimensional tolerance and precision design.


Technical Parameters:


Size (Inch.) Size (mm.)
1/2'' 12
3/4'' 19
1'' 25
11/4'' 32
11/2'' 38